OkeyDokey considers transparent operation important. Thus, OkeyDokey has established a policy for transparency as follows:
1. OkeyDokey is to receive a fair audit through a vote by five globally recognized and credible accounting firms.
2. OkeyDokey shall publish monthly operational and financial reports to share the operational status of the company with its contributors.
3. When hiring new staff members, such as developers, OkeyDokey shall implement a validation process as well as thoroughly examining the candidates’ portfolios and setting reward policies in accordance with their abilities.
4. The company’s budget shall be tightly managed so that it will always be possible to operate and manage the company without additional funding for more than three years.
Communication with Contributors
1. OkeyDokey shall distribute a monthly report to share important company updates.
2. OkeyDokey must share important matters by email immediately.
Token Valuation Policy
To protect its contributors and provide them with better profits, OkeyDokey will be operated as follows:
1. The executive managers of OkeyDokey are bound by a lock-up system, which means they are not entitled to make token sales for one year. The lock-up policy is intended to make sure the executive managers receive suitable rewards only after the company grows enough.
2. OkeyDokey shall strictly control the use of its budget. At least two-thirds of the beginning budget must remain after one year of funding. Using more than one-third of the beginning budget for any single event requires the approval of at least half of both the board and the contributors participating in the ballot.
Contribution Details
The Contribution Period will commence on April 25, 2018. Individuals willing to contribute to and support the development of OkeyDokey can do so by sending ether to the designated address.
The contributors will create OkeyDokey at the rate of 20,000 OKEY per 1 ETH. The OKEY Token creation rate per ETH will remain constant for the duration of the Contribution Period.
The Contribution Period will run until June 15, 2018, or the moment of reaching the ceiling. OKEY Tokens received by the contributors will be transferrable seven days after the end of the Contribution Period.
OkeyDokey’s Valuation Management
OkeyDokey’s business model is always constructed to create high actual revenue. The profit model involves a mixed short and long-term model so that it maintains high valuation.
OkeyDokey is a technology corporation that produces the highest level of technology, which other competitors in the market cannot match.
Future Direction of OkeyDokey
Since OkeyDokey is an blockchain and IoT based technology company, the customers of OkeyDokey are basically defined as property owners and guests participating in the short-term rental marketplace provided via third-party booking platforms and OkeyDokey booking application.
Since OkeyDokey is short-term rental management company based on blockchain, OkeyDokey will try to apply the OkeyDokey’s model globally, and OkeyDokey will cooperate with major booking platform companies such as Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, etc.