Your Personal Door Assistant
Smart lock that operate according to your needs
whether for personal use or sharing access to your guests.
Enabling Automated Rental Services
IoT smart lock for security and sharing keys
Our Mission
OkeyDokey stands at an intersection between technology and humanity. By bringing humanist element to blockchain technology, we strive not only to serve the intellectual side but also to accommodate people's unique feelings and perspectives.

OkeyDokey is a platform for smart contract embedded IoT devices e.g. smart locks that allow homeowners and property managers to not only utilize their homes with greater flexibility, but also connecting and sharing their values through technology. Thus, we aim to build emotional connection between technology and humanity.

Smart Locks
Smart contract embedded smart locks for more sophisticated access control operations and remote manageability.
Share Access
Lock, unlock and monitor your door remotely and share access to family, friends, housekeepers, and others.
Rental System
Rental guests can book and pay directly to a smart lock and open doors to accommodations through one simple app.

For Guest
For family, friends, housekeepers, deliveryman, and even booked and paid rental guests; once verified via the blockchain, access is granted without the need to meet the homeowner to receive keys.
For Homeowners
Homeowners can take advantage of convenience of smart contract embedded smart locks that can remotely manage and share access, and even monetize by receiving rental bookings and payments.
Whitepaper (English) Whitepaper (Korean) One Pager (English) One Pager (Korean)
Technical Whitepaper
This whitepaper will go more in depth about how OkeyDokey’s underlying smart lock system that is integrated with blockchain will provide more productive ways to share assets. Opening doors to smarter ways to rent, sell, and share anything.
Access Control
OkeyDokey provides a system where smart locks perform digital payment transaction and grant access to paid and verified user for a given time period. Sharing is now safe, convenient and cost effective.


Rental Home Smart Lock Demo
OKEYDOKEY Open Lock via
Whisper Messaging Demo
OkeyDokey Wallet
OkeyDokey Wallet is versatile and secure. From security deposits and rental payments to paying for bottle of water in vending machines, transactions are automated via smart contracts on blockchain network. Furthermore, OkeyDokey is P2P, funds are transferred directly with no need for payment processors
Universal Marketplace
From smart locks for rental homes to smart washing machines users will be able to rent and purchase anything via connected devices on the blockchain network.
- Item (IoT device) listing
- Automated booking, validation and payment
- Automated guest device access
Multiple Booking Channel Integration
OkeyDokey provides a software module that integrates blockchain based smart contract library to booking channels. Owners using multiple booking channels will never experience double bookings thanks to blockchain based shared transaction ledger. Booking channels can leverage their brand for better customer experience.
Short Term Rental Industry
The short-term vacation rental category is the second largest category of lodging behind hotels with an estimated global market size of almost 100 billion USD, and is expected to grow over 170 billion USD. Currently, hotels have market size over 452 billion USD. Peer-to-peer rental market compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31% until 2025.
Go-to-market Strategy Overview
Short-term rental industry consists of segregated business for payment, booking management, and access control supplements accommodations rental digital marketplace. This is additional cost for customers. There is yet to be a player in the market with a system that streamlines payment, booking management, and access control into one seamlessly integrated solution. OkeyDokey is that player. By providing blockchain based smart lock system that connects digital payment transactions to opening of physical doors, we will bring values by providing secure, hassle-free, and cost effective solution to our customers.
Token Usage
Usage in OkeyDokey Marketplace App
OKEY Token mainly serves as a usage token that gives access to users to participate in rental and purchase of physical objects via OkeyDokey digital marketplace applications.

Guest will pay in OKEY Tokens to rent out host’s accommodation. During this process OKEY Tokens will be transferred directly between guest/buyer’s public address (wallet) to the host/vendor’s public address via blockchain without any payment intermediaries. Once the transaction is completed and guest/buyer’s identity (public address) and transaction verified via blockchain, he/she will be granted access to smart lock.
Usage in 3rd Party Digital Marketplace
OKEY Tokens can be used in partnered 3rd party digital marketplaces to rent and purchase physical objects. OKEY Tokens can be used as accumulated points to rent homes from Airbnb, HomeAway, Flipkey, Expedia (these companies are not relate to actual contracts. It is a representation of potential partners)or even purchase goods from online vendors.
Usage for IoT Device Purchase
OkeyDokey will be partnering with IoT device manufacturers around the globe to provide easier access to rent products and pay for services that the IoT products provide. For example, instead of purchasing a device as a lump sum amount, customers can rent out the device and pay only for the what and how much they use.

Token Sale

1 ETH = 20,000 OKEY
Total Softcap = 15,000 ETH
Total Hardcap = 30,000 ETH

Reservation Sale

5.25.18 ~ 6.10.18

Amount of OKEY for Sale
30,000,000 OKEY
Contribution Bonus 35%


6.15.18 ~ 7.4.18

Amount of OKEY for Sale
120,000,000 OKEY
Contribution Bonus 25%

Public Sale

7.11.18 ~ 8.24.18

Amount of OKEY for Sale
450,000,000 OKEY
Contribution Bonus 10%


Token Supply and Distribution

Token Distribution

Public Sale 60%

Team & Advisors 20%

Company Reserve 20%

Fund Allocation

Core Development 45%

Sales & Marketing 35%

Operations 15%

Administration 5%


Q1 2018
Whitepaper release
Q2 2018
Public Crowdsale
Announce Partnership
Q3 2018
Token valuation report
Smart lock implementation
Module update and API alpha release
Q4 2018
OkeyDokey conference in Seoul and Singapore
Annual report
API beta release
Q1 2019
OkeyDokey MVP goes live
iOS Android app launch
Market: South Korea, Singapore, UK, Germany, Sweden
Q2 2019 +
1st phase : East & South East Asia
2nd phase: Europe
3rd phase: Americas and Europe

Team & Advisors
Standing Advisors

Hajin Jhun
As a founder of Korea's 1st Generation IT venture, Dr. Jhun served as the vice-president of Korea Venture Business Association, and the CEO of Hancom. Afterwards, he served as the member of the 19th National Assembly in South Korea. Currently, Dr. Jhun is making efforts to actualize Smart City and blockchain-based real estate system and the R&D on housing environment via technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and promotes such changes in the domestic and international markets. Dr. Jhun is currently the Chairperson for the Self Regulatory Committee of Korea Blockchain Association.
Serck-Joo Hong

Mr. Hong has over 38 years of experiences with commercial banking, securities financing, investments and corporate M&A advisory areas. He served as the President and CEO of Cho Hung Bank - one of the oldest and largest commercial banks in Korea (later merged with Shinhan Bank) - and Korea Investment Corp(KIC) - Korea's sovereign wealth fund. He was also the CEO of Korea Securities Finance Co., and was an Executive Advisor for A.T. Kearney Korea. Currently he runs Locus Capital Partners, a Corporate Finance and M&A Advisory, which he founded in 2011. He graduated from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania with MBA and Seoul National University with BA in Business Administration.

Development Team

Chang-Yong Boo
Business Development
Chang-Yong graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with Bachelor’s in Architecture and MBA at Seoul National University. As an architect and business developer, he managed business consulting for systems integration in Nowon Energy Zero House Development during his time at Zero Energy Design Group in South Korea. He is a co-founder of Villim, IoT smart locks integrated rental homes and a co-founder of OkeyDokey.
Jan Rothkegel
Marketing Strategy
Jan holds a MBA from Seoul National University and a Master in Management from ESSEC Business School. He has gained experience in cross-border M&A with Asia, structured products sales and B2B crowdsourcing. His experience in market research and analytics is an invaluable asset to OkeyDokey's long-term, forward-looking approach to planning with the fundamental goal; achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.
Ryan Park
Blockchain / Web Engineer
Ryan has majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Having comprehensive knowledge about web technologies, Ryan has worked as lead software engineer for Villim and researcher at Carnegie Mellon University Center for Machine Learning and Health, where he worked on various web applications ranging from social network to commercial applications. He was also an embedded systems researcher at WiseLab at Carnegie Mellon University and worked on a LoRaWan project. Currently, he is blockchain/web engineer at OkeyDokey.
Seongmin Park
Blockchain Engineer
Seongmin is a smart contract developer. He oversees OkeyDokey’s backend, from smart contracts to developer APIs. He is also responsible for the mobile client of OkeyDokey, thanks to his past experiences as a mobile developer. Seongmin majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.
David Song
Blockchain Engineer
David majored in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and has always been interested in projects involving distributed systems. Before OkeyDokey, David's passion was Coffeesync, which was his take on synchronize file management on multiple clients. He is a Javascript enthusiast. His experience in distributed storage is invaluable to the team as we deal with blockchain optimized storage solutions in OkeyDokey.
Vanessa Hwang
Blockchain / Web Engineer
Vanessa studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and minored in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. She worked as a software engineer at Fasoo in program analysis team and developed static code analysis tool. She is a Java enthusiast and currently a front-end web developer at OkeyDokey.
Ruiqi Wang

Public Relations

Ruiqi Wang graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with Bachelor’s Degree in Information Security Engineering and received MBA at Peking University. He is Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA). He worked as financial journalist in Xinhua News Agency which is the official news agency of China for 5 years. Then he joined Yunfeng Financial Group as senior analyst, covering global capital market. Based on his experiences and resources of media press, understanding of financial markets, Ruiqi Wang now is the public relationship officer at OkeyDokey.

Lisa Hong
Lisa owns Bachelors degree majoring Economics BS, and minoring in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University. She started out her carrier interning as a research associate at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, and as a trading associate at Newedge Group, the multi-asset brokerage as joint venture between le Crédit Agricole and la Société Générale. At Woosung Group she experienced in business managements and system implementation of fields of construction, building/cargo rental, energy, leisure, and hotel. Recently she has served as the overseas sales and marketing manager for cosmetics and health foods covering territories of North America, Europe, CIS, Russia and Thailand at Naturalendo Tech co. Ltd.
Sean Jeong
Tech Lead
Sean Jeong is an agile and project management methodology consultant specializing in scrum, lean, and enterprise architecture. His portfolio includes hardware development, finance, SaaS, architecture, content and media projects. He provides support to Okeydokey’s development team and provides agile structure to Okeydokey’s product and platform development.

Ismail Malik
Founder & CEO, Blockchain Labs, Editor in Chief , ICO Crowds. Ismail Malik is ranked 75 of the top 100 most influential Blockchain people according to Rise Global. He currently holds the position of Founder and CEO of Blockchain Labs which specializes in crypto development projects and placement of lead developers for existing DLT projects. The Lab Retains a strong focus on R&D primarily researching, and secures embedded smart contract trusted execution environments on the Ethereum, Bitcoin and Corda blockchains. He is also editor in Chief of ICO Crowds the first publication for ICO industry. He previously worked at Smartledger which develops smart contracts for Smart Cities.He has also held positions such as Editor in Chief of Bitcoin Entrepreneurs, Co-Founder of CoinViral, CoinDesk, Director at Sqft Crowd.
Daniel Zhang
Having been trained as an architect at Carnegie Mellon University, he continued his doctorates in India and Germany, Daniel is a Founder of P8, a top education and cultural incubator in Hunan, Changsha, with gross value of companies 3 billion RMB. His current work also includes, Sky University J57, a 57 story building filled with industry research and education ecosystem in Broad Town, China. He has worked to introduce Broad Sustainable Buildings (world's fastest, largest and tallest steel modular housing constructions to date), his father, Zhang Yue’s invention. With sustainability as the key message, they together believe these are the only solutions to the challenges of human urbanization on every continent.
Inmok Yoo
Inmok Yoo is a founder and CEO Techno Village, a home network systems provider in South Korea. Techno Village was established in May 2000 through consortium of 15 domestic construction companies such as Daewoo E&C, Lotte E & C, Kumho Construction, and 7 IT venture companies. Previously, he has worked as a public relations manager for Daewoo Group. His experience in construction is invaluable asset to OkeyDokey as a business development advisor involved in construction industry.
Ryan Lee
Mr. Lee is the Founder and CEO of Crypto Circle and BlackStark. Mr. Lee has over 15 years of investment management experience. Prior to founding Crypto Circle and Blackstark, He worked with Merril Lynch - Global Wealth and Investment Group and served as Managing Director at Rodeo Acquisition Partners. Mr. Lee received his B.A. degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he studied Economics. Mr.Lee has decades of experience in finance as analyst and public and private company investments.
Sokho Jung
Mr. Jung has over 25 years of investing and banking experiences in Asia and USA. His investing experiences encompass a variety of investing from private equity, venture capital, public equity and distressed debts. He is a Managing Director for Asia Growth Capital Advisors (“AGCA”), a Singapore-based private equity investment firm. Prior to AGCA, he worked with Credit Suisse Private Equity Asia Fund from 2008 to 2010 as the Managing Director for Korea and Standard Chartered Bank from 2002 to 2008 as Head of their Korean private equity business. He has also worked previously with Pacific Gemini Partners LLC in Los Angeles, Coopers & Lybrand LLP in New York and Bankers Trust in Seoul.
Hoyeon Won
Mr. Jacob Hoyeon Won has over 20 years of investment banking experience in Korea, Hong Kong and New York, He is currently the founding partner of Locus Capital Partners, the financial advisory firm focusing on cross-border M&A. He has also worked for KIMB Korea, Goldman Sachs New York & Hong Kong, ING Korea, UBS Hong Kong and Hana Financial Investment Korea. He graduated from Yonsei University with Bachelor’s in Business Administration and from Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania with MBA.
Techno Village will be part of our building systems integrations team in South Korea ensuring quality by owning the entire process, from integrated systems design to installation. Along with Techno Village’s OkeyDokey will strive for faster market adoption of IoT access control devices.
Shareholder consortium
Techno Village was established as the largest construction and IT consortium in Korea; 15 construction companies and 7 IT venture companies participate as shareholders.
Korea Aerospace
Research Institute
Information and communication system of Lotte World Tower, 123 story building in Jamsil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Business Implementations
Among already implemented projects in Korea, the following are the most recent project implementations. For more information, click on the “find out more” button.
Korea Aerospace
Research Institute
Information and communication system installation for Narogo rocket propulsion system testing facility
Informations communication systems and equipment integration for Geumgang Axle Tower in Daejeon
Installation of Home Network System in Busan Centum City


OkeyDokey is a blockchain and IoT based access control solutions platform designed for securing and sharing of physical assets.

Initial Coin Offering, also commonly known as ICO, is a mechanism to fund new projects to receive tokens in advance, which can be later be used for buying product or usage of the platform.

Simply press on "Contribute" at the top of the website and follow the steps given in our comprehensive contribution guide.

Certain jurisdictions restrict or have specific regulation concerning the offer. OKEY Tokens will not be marketed, offered or sold to residents in the People’s Republic of China (excluding the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, and Taiwan) and the United States of America. For further information, please refer to OkeyDokey’s token sale policy.
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